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Friday, April 26, 2013

Awards for Before the Memories Fade

Good news has come in. Our documentary, Before the Memories Fade: Voices from the Civil Rights Movement, has won national and international industry awards. We have received a Gold Aurora Award and 2 Bronze Telly Awards for the film.

We are very excited about these prestigious recognitions.

Shoot in L.A

March 20th I flew out to L.A. contracted to shoot interviews for 2 days with one of my steady clients, Sara from the University of Kentucky.  I'm not producing this project so I met the producer Stuart out there. Stuart came down from Toronto to work and man did we. We shot 6-7 45 minute interviews a day in the same room. Stuart and I pushed, pulled, remodeled and grabbed every possible look that room could have.

During the shoot on the last day I saw what seemed like a shadow of talons coming down behind our 24th floor curtain to the window. Then there was a thump.

When I investigated this is what I saw. A vulture. That stopped the shoot for a minute as everyone took picture and felt grateful we were inside and not out there with him

Just before flying back home I was able to catch up with an old friend and cameraman buddy Martin from the old news days in D.C. It was good to catch up.

Athens, Georgia Screening

I'm going to have to become a better blogger. I'm months behind and trying to catch up this weekend. Sorry! Here are some pictures from the Athens, Georgia screening of Before the Memories Fade, on February 28th. I screened the film at the Historic Morton Theatre. There is more to come about the Morton Theatre on a later post. 

 Athens had a great crowd and we held a Q&A after the screening. Two of the featured subjects in the film, Frank Williams and Sidney Boney spoke to the audience about their time in the Movement. I also fielded questions on the process of making the film and the experience of meeting these historic and unknown figures in history. It's always great to have a good Q&A.