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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Sit-In Re-enactment

Today we had fun re-enacting a 60's Civil Rights Sit-In protest. I shot many different formats on this shoot. I shot 8mm film, HiDef with my Sony EX-1, digital stills, and actual film photography. Yes I used film. It's not used that much anymore but you can't beat its organic feel.

The shoot was located at the Parkette Drive-In in Lexington, Kentucky. Owner Randy Kaplan allowed the shoot to take place in his newly remodeled diner. It's a very lovely 50's styled diner filled with that era's ambiance. Oh and by the way the food is great too. Randy was very helpful and I would like to thank him again for all of his support and opening it for us on a Sunday.

All of the actors for the shoot were local to the Lexington area. I personally would like to thank them again for coming out on a rainy day and again thank them for their wonderful performances. My motto is, "all roles are important" and so was this cast.

Thanks again to Crutcher, Dana, Tina, Andy, Corrie, Matt, Toby, and Kody. Also a special thanks to my P.A. for the day Andrea.

All and all the shoot went well and we got in and out pretty

Great job everyone!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Super 8 on "Before the Memories Fade" documentary.

I was searching for the right fit aesthetically for my 6'0s era documentary, "Before the Memories Fade, Voices from the Civil Rights Movement." I found that match when I made my decision to shoot Super 8 mm film for B camera footage and reenactments for the documentary feature.

Production on this documentary film began in May 2009. Since then I have been traveling the country taping interviews with 60's Civil Rights Movement participants.

Technically speaking, the Super 8 footage will be scanned and transferred to high definition to keep the integrity of the footage and to match the film's 1080 format. All of the film's interviews have been shot with a Sony EX-1 at 1080, 30 fps.

I believe the Super 8 footage will give the film the style and texture that I've been looking for to portray the 60's era. It's definitely the right tool for the job. The transfer to HD really gives you a beautiful image. It's going to surprise you! I believe the new film stocks and transfer techniques combined with the sparse use of Super 8 will add a nice bit of character to the film. Hopefully, people will take notice and Super 8 will make a splash in my future commercial work.
In addition to using the Classic Pro 4008 Super 8 camera with a 1.8 6-66 mm lens, I will employ the use of a C-mount adapter to use several of my Nikon lenses for the film. I think the Super 8 will enable the audience to travel back to the 60's era. This is really going to be fun!

Reenactments for the film will begin production in March 2010. The film "Before the Memories Fade, Voices from the Civil Rights Movement" will be screened in Fall 2010.